When a loved one is no longer able to handle their medical and financial matters due to ailing health or disability, a legal guardian may be chosen to assume responsibility for his or her well-being. Appointment of a guardian generally begins with a Petition to your local court. Guardians hold a great deal of control over the assumed individual, and thus, must maintain the person’s best interest at all times when exercising their powers. The Guardian will be someone responsible for making decisions on your loved one’s medical and personal care, as well as their financial well-being.

At Broder Law Group, P.C., our attorneys will confidently guide you through the process of designating a guardian for your loved ones and ensuring that your wishes are known should the unfortunate occur. Even if your loved one is in good health now, the difficult reality is that many older adults and individuals with a disability may struggle with making decisions for themselves down the road. Petitioning for guardianship often demands the assistance of a lawyer and requires a judge’s approval. Our attorneys are very experienced in matters involving guardianship and capacity of individuals. We will put your mind at ease, whether looking ahead to the future or facing a crisis now with the care of a loved one.