Broder Law Group, P.C. has decades of experience enforcing the monetary rights of our clients and recovering delinquent accounts receivable, court judgements, and property repossession. Our professional reputation and commitment to personal attention has pushed us to maximize recovery for retail businesses both large and small, landlords, manufacturing vendors, financial practices, municipal taxes, consultants, healthcare professionals, and residential and commercial property management companies. Collections actions require a thorough strategy to ensure debtors honor the debt owed to you and to avoid further delay due to encumbrances and collections violations. Having a law firm like Broder Law Group, P.C. to handle your collection matter means that every correspondence says to the debtor that you are serious about repayment. We are firmly committed to taking a calculated approach to retrieve what is rightfully owed to the businesses and individuals we represent. We minimize our clients’ collection expense by offering convenient payment options, asset location services, and alternative resolution options.